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5 Great Reasons to Work with Travel Trade

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Have you considered working with Travel Trade? Here’s 5 great reasons why you should consider it.

New Markets

Providing the opportunity to extend your business’ reach beyond your traditional clients, working with travel trade will increase your exposure to possible new, and larger markets that spend more money and travel longer.

Predictability of Bookings & Cash Flow

Travel trade tends to book well in advance (especially when relationships have been established) allowing you to better predict cash flow. And armed with the knowledge of advanced bookings you can better plan your marketing efforts to develop business through other means.

Risk Mitigation

It’s that old adage, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Working with a variety of markets, including Travel Trade, spreads your risk and makes you less susceptible to ebbs and flows in the Canadian domestic market, or a single international travel market.

Repeat Business & Product Development

Travel trade is relationship driven; a satisfied trade client will sell your product year after year. And as your reputation grows so too does your ability to target new, niche markets.

Extended Travel Periods & Weather Resistance

Not always focused on traditional high seasons or weekends, Travel Trade may help extend your season, and because these travellers are not likely to cancel a trip due to weather there’s less chance of cancellations.


Travel trade is fundamentally a distribution network for travel, a collective term for tour operators, receptive tour operator, wholesalers, and travel agents. These trade organizations operate as a go-between in the tourism industry, selling to international markets and forming a vital link between you and potential business.

Often, travel trade is thought only as a group market only, but in fact, it is used widely for small group and individual travel.

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