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Community of Interest


The Iceberg Community of Interest (COI) initiative is made up of a group of iceberg enthusiasts in Western Newfoundland dedicated to connecting more people with more icebergs via online and offline engagement, content creation (such as photography and video) and the sharing of prime iceberg viewing locations.


The team of berg-spotting advocates is a mix of tourism operators and residents who work together to create and share #IcebergsNL content.


A man wearing a white t-shirt and black hat holds a camera while facing the camera.
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Callum Snape

Vancouver, BC

Callum is a passionate cheese eater, coffee drinker, traveler and photo taker. He is a commercial, tourism and outdoor photographer. Callum aims to inspire you to pursue your passions in life, to search out new experiences and cultures, learn new skills and challenge yourself creatively. He has been capturing the world around him for the past fifteen years. His work is a reflection of his passions and is layered with landscapes, lifestyle, travel, adventure and the personalities that find meaning from the same sources.

A man wearing sunglasses, a yellow touque, and black coat wears an orange camera backpack and holds a camera.
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Dru Kennedy

Corner Brook, NL

Meet Dru, a professional photographer, full-time snowboarder, husband, and a new father from Corner Brook. He's a self diagnosed 32 year old teenager and in his free time he’s usually building mountain bike trails, riding them, or chasing light. He likes adventures loaded with snacks, views, and good company… and will always go out of the way for a good cup of coffee.

A man wearing glasses, a flat bib hat, and an orange rain coat sits at the front of a zodiac boat giving the peace sign and holding a camera.
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Tom Cochrane

Western Newfoundland, NL

Tom is a photographer, videographer, and director based in Western Newfoundland. He loves a great story, and has spent the past decade helping people across Canada share theirs with the world. Tom is happiest on a cliff at sunset. Or hanging out with whales and icebergs. Or taking in the view with a cup of tea. Hard to choose.


Photographers/Local Advocates

Photographers/LocalAdvocates, @IcebergTweets, #IcebergsNL, @IcebergFinder Instagram page 

Brendon Gould 3_edited.jpg
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Brendon Gould

Port au Choix, NL

Brendon is a nature and wildlife enthusiast based in Port au Choix, Newfoundland. He has lived there pretty much all of his life. You can find him snorkelling in the harbour for underwater footage all summer long or out around the lighthouse following the local caribou herd. Recently he got into drone photography and hopes to make the best out of it he can. He has a curiosity and a playful approach; capturing stunning wildlife and rugged landscapes. If you’re ever in Port au Choix, drop by for a good time in the shed.

Connie Boland 2_edited.jpg
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Connie Boland

Corner Brook, NL

Connie is an award-winning freelance journalist, creative writer, amateur photographer, Adult Basic Education instructor, and communications professional in Corner Brook. Her work is published in anthologies, national, provincial, and regional magazines, newspapers, and online. Connie is an avid hiker who is happiest when outdoors exploring this beautiful province.

A black and white image of a man wearing a black touque holds a camera while smiling at the camera, an iceberg sits in the ocean in the background.
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Jacob Dicks

Steady Brook, NL

Jake is an outdoor adventure photographer and cinematographer from Steady Brook. Much of his photography experience was gained shooting action sports across the country for Red Bull Canada. He then spent a few years learning the ropes of film production in the Toronto film industry. Most recently, he’s returned home to do commercial, documentary and landscape work. Having shot via kayak, helicopter, super-pipe, and horseback, he’s comfortable creating in any environment.

A woman with long blonde hair wearing a black flat bib hat and blue fleece holds a camera while looking at the camera.
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Jaleesa Hawco

Corner Brook, NL

Jaleesa is a freelance photographer and pharmacist based out of Corner Brook. Originally from St. John’s, her love of winter sports prompted a move to the west coast. Her photography is inspired by the natural beauty she encounters while adventuring. She has a passion for travelling and photography has allowed her to notice small details and capture moments that she might have otherwise missed. Her favourite season to take photos is winter, but autumn would be a close second. Western Newfoundland has an amazing community of photographers and collaborating with others has allowed her to make new friends, continue to be inspired, and explore new places.

Kurtis Walsh_edited.jpg
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Kurtis Walsh

Western Newfoundland, NL

Kurtis Walsh is a photographer born in Barrie, Ontario. After visiting Newfoundland throughout his life, he decided to move to the West Coast of Newfoundland after falling in love with the landscapes. He now works as a Zipline guide at Marble Zip Tours, while also running a wedding photography business. In his spare time he primarily shoots landscapes, wildlife and portraiture. If you see a fox please let him know, he loves them.

A man wearing a black flat bib hat and a blue rain coat looks over his shoulder, icebergs float on the ocean in the background.
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Steve Sheppard

St. Anthony, NL

An island born Newfoundlander, Steve has lived on the Great Northern Peninsula for more than a decade. After graduating college in Alberta, he came back to his beloved island where he spent a number of years working in rural communities, never far from rocky beaches and the briny smell of the ocean. He has worked extensively as a tour, fishing, hunting, and expedition guide.  In addition, he is a professional photographer who loves capturing the wonder of nature.

A man wearing a touque and blue winter coat stands on a rocky shore with an iceberg in the background.
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Waqas Ali

Western Newfoundland, NL

Since Waqas moved to Newfoundland and Labrador from Pakistan, he has been intrigued by the mesmerizing beauty of the province. He never imagined himself being too involved in photography, but the fascinating landscape of NL enhanced his interest towards photography. So far, he has been focused on capturing the wide variety of nature and sunsets of Newfoundland. Most of his work artwork has been captured through a Nikon and DJI drones. 

Operators/Local Advocates

A woman with short brown hair and a purple top smiles at the camera. Behind her is a bookself full of books.

Joan Simmonds

Conche, NL

Joan was born in Conche and has lived there most of her life. In 2000 she was part of a local group that developed the French Shore Historical Society and has been the director of various programs and projects developed in the Society’s name, including the museum’s permanent exhibit and the French Shore Tapestry. Currently, she is manager of the French Shore Interpretation Centre in Conche.

A Newfoundland Dog sits in front of a yellow store front, behind the dog a sign reads "Dark Tickle" in red letters.

Stacey & Kier Knudsen

St. Lunaire-Griquet, NL

Anastasia and Kier run their 3rd generation family business, The Dark Tickle Company, which manufactures products from local wild berries. Visitors can watch these products being handcrafted onsite. Co-located is Café Nymphe, a historically themed European style café. It is also home to Dark Tickle Expeditions, an innovative marine tour company focused on showcasing this unique part of the world. Enthusiastic lifelong boaters they enjoy sharing the rich history and natural beauty of their home.

A man wearing skiing clothes looks at the camera while holding onto ski poles, behind him is a snowy treed trail.

Terry Hedderson

Griquet, NL

Terry was born and raised in Griquet. With an enterprising spirit at a young age, he saw first-hand the intricacies of the pre-moratorium cod fishery and developed a great respect for the outdoors. Terry and his family enjoy the outdoors and have gained a rare window into the rugged beauty of the Great Northern Peninsula. Terry’s restaurant, The Daily Catch, has become a staple in the area for offering traditional, local seafood.

A woman wearing a black touque and a red coat stands on a foggy shore gesturing to a iceberg that floats in the water behind her.

Thresa Burden

St. Lunaire-Griquet, NL

Thresa is the Tourism and Development Officer with the Town of St. Anthony. She also runs a seasonal gift shop in St. Lunaire-Griquet, The Viking Shop, with her husband, Kevin. Thresa has been a part of The Iceberg Festival committee since the festival’s inception 14 years ago and in her spare time she enjoys the outdoors and chasing icebergs, whether it's going in boat to one of the coves or hiking a local trail.

A man wearing sunglasses and a black lifevest has his arm around a woman wearing sunglasses and a pink life vest as they sit on the side of a zodiac boat, behind them a large iceberg floats in the ocean.

Trevor & Shanna Pilgrim

Roddickton, NL

Trevor and Shanna own and operate Mayflower Inn & Adventures, Mayflower Meat Cutters and Mayflower Outfitters in Roddickton. Both Trevor and Shanna grew up in the Town of Roddickton-Bide-Arm. Each of them left to further their education, but the call of home was too strong to stay away once education was completed. Their loves are the outdoors, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, camping, fishing, hunting, and boating. Their pride and joy are their grandchildren, Brody and Tessa.

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