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A beginner’s guide to Instagram

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Choose a handle

Your handle is how people will find you on Instagram, it’s unique to your profile. Pick something as close to your business name as possible. We shortened Go Western Newfoundland to @GoWesternNL. You will have space to display your full business name on your profile.

Tip: Keep phone numbers, dates, and personal names out of your handle. This helps to keep your handle timeless.

Pick a category

Business accounts have the option to select a business category. This can help new followers identify what you do and save space in your bio. Possible categories include Shopping & Retail, Sightseeing Tour Agency, and ATV or Boat Rental.

Write a bio

Your Instagram bio is a place write what your business does, or a slogan. This can be updated regularly (e.g. seasonally). You’re limited to 150 characters. As you edit your profile, you will also find space to include your website, phone number, email, and location. Fill out these spaces so you don’t have to waste characters in your bio!

Tip: There’s no need to include hashtags in your bio or Instagram stories, unless it’s a hashtag you’re trying to encourage your audience to use. People can only use hashtags to discover new feed posts and reels.

Share content

Instagram is a visual platform with several different ways to share photo and video.

  • Feed posts: Standard Instagram posts that show up on your profile (feed). If you share more than one photo in a post, it’s known as a Carousel.

  • Reels: A 15, 30, or 60 second long video. Reels are a popular way to reach new people on Instagram.

  • Stories: Temporary photos and videos that last 24 hours before disappearing. To keep these on your profile for longer, create a highlight. Many people choose to put behind-the-scenes content in their stories, and keep niche content to their feed.

  • Guides: Like a blog post, guides let you compile several related posts together for your followers.

Tip: Professional photos are best, but they aren’t your only option. You can take your own photos on your smartphone. If you want to share someone else’s photos, always ask them for permission first and give them credit in the caption.


Interested in learning more? Get in touch with our Regional Marketing Officer.

Headshot of Emili Fraser, Regional Marketing Officer at Go Western Newfoundland

Emili Fraser Regional Marketing Officer t: 709.649.9494 e:

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