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Boost Your Marketing Efforts with Creative Writing: How to Use a Word Web

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Word webs are a great tool to improve creative writing skills. They can help to focus and to build on ideas, especially when it comes to writing package or business descriptions. Here's how a word web works.

Say you want to write a short description about your boat tour business, but you don't know where to begin, simply start with this:

a blue circle with the words boat tour also in blue

Next, think about some topics that are related to your boat tour business that potential visitors find appealing, interesting, or to be valuable knowledge. Add them to the web:

a large circle with boat tour written in the middle has 5 arrows pointing out to 5 more circles

From here get more in depth and focus on each of these 5 topics – it can get a little messy:

Add as many ideas and layers to your word web as needed. If you find that you've added more information than required, use a highlighter to mark the ideas you're going to use in the description.

Make the process fun and get the creative juices flowing, try using different colour pens to colour code, or doodle.

Don't like the look of a word web? Tables work just as good too.

Pro writing tip:

Looking to "spice up" your writing with more descriptive words but can't think of any? No worries, type "synonyms for___" in a search engine such as Google, or go old school and get a trusty thesaurus.

Ready to make your own word web? Download our template, it's a fillable pdf that can be used on your computer or printed!

Word Web Template -Fillable
Download PDF • 149KB


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